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Kim Kennedy, The Kmmr Group

"Laura Templeton has been a help in so many ways.  Most importantly, she has a great gift for being able to ask good questions that help you discover which path and direction would be best for you.  Along with that she suggests really good starting points.  First step, then next, etc.  You walk away excited and encouraged that you now have knowledge and clarity about how to proceed.  I'm thankful for how the Lord has used her in my life so effectively!" - Kim Kennedy, The Kmmr Group

"Thank you again for speaking to us yesterday. You had the entire room at the edge of their seats! You really have no idea the kind of service you've provided for all of us. Not to mention the kind of confidence we now feel about our business." - Rhyan Strasters

"Laura did a superb job helping me with my resume and cover letter. I met with her in person, then we talked on the phone. She was very efficient and got it to me in just a few days. Together we changed some of the wording to get it to where it felt right. I got a very nice compliment about my resume while at an interview. I also received a call from an online application saying my resume really stood out. It's only been a week and I already have had a few interviews! The key words are what sets it apart. She's really smart! I highly recommend Laura if you want to be noticed. With so many people applying for the same positions, you want your resume to stand out! I am very pleased with Laura's work!" - Carol S.


Heling you understand personalities and maximize performance Kathy Marcino, KMM DISC Consulting

Laura not only helped me craft my message, but helped me identify the right audience to hear it! She has developed the right formula to achieve your 30 Second Success in every industry. – Kathy Marcino, KMMDISC.com

Empowering You To Achieve All That You Can! Doris Robinson, BSN, RN, CCM, CHt

I went to Laura for help perfecting my 30 second commercial. She provided me with the formula necessary for a good commercial. She helped me with creating the right wording and then coached me through making my verbal presentation more engaging.

Since working with Laura, I have noticed that people at networking events listen more closely and are more likely to interact with me to learn more about me and my business.

In addition, the formula she provided has helped me to create many fun and interesting variations of my commercial. Thank you, Laura.  Doris Robinson, Suburban Philly Hypnosis

Exceptional Leadership Coach, empowering the leader in you! Claire Brown Kohler, CEO We Empower Leaders

As Laura says in her own excellent 30 second commercial, if you are struggling to find to create a compelling message in 30 seconds or less, she really can help!  My 30 second commercial improved immeasurable with her guidance.  She worked with me to pin point who I wanted to target, how to grab their attention and how to deliver my message in a memorable and entertaining way.  She also brought her marketing skills to help me refocus my overall marketing message.  I highly recommend Laura’s workshops and especially her one on one coaching to anyone that wants to be able to deliver an effective and distinctive elevator speech smoothly and confidently! Claire Brown Kohler, CEO of WeEmpowerLeaders.com

Organizing For the Way You Live Deena Murawski, Philly Burbs Home Organizer

"Laura’s workshop was amazing. She was so forthcoming with valuable information. She made the process of creating and modifying my :30 commercial seem so effortless, even for this introvert. I am ready to knock it out of the park the next time I have a networking event. I highly recommend working with Laura. Getting to the heart of your message is easier than you ever thought." - Deena Murawski, Philly Burbs Home Organizer

Protecting animals, people, and the environment James Lucas, GrapeCat

When I started to go to networking events, I never knew what to say to get people interested in my vegan clothing and accessories company. After meeting Laura, I knew I needed help. Laura asked me questions and listened closely to my answers. She came back with a new message that was clear and would inject interest in my business. I soon realized that with Laura's help not only did I have a great commercial for networking, I also had a great commercial for my website, radio, print, podcasts, and events. Working with Laura has been the best experience and now I am more confident that my business will succeed. - James Lucas, Co-Owner of GrapeCat.com, Meeting the need of the ecologically conscious consumer with clothing and accessories for the whole family.

When I started attending networking groups, I sat in dread as my turn to give my 30 second commercial got nearer and nearer. What would I say? Should I say this? I said this last time, I should probably say something different. Then, before I knew it, it was my turn; and since I hadn’t decided what to say, all that came out of my mouth was a jumble of words. But, I had survived and was done until the next time. So every networking event consisted of dread and anxiety, followed by relief. Then, one day, excited anticipation had replaced my dread and anxiety.
What changed? I had discovered and met with Laura Templeton of 30 Second Success. Laura worked with me to identify the message I wanted to convey, provided a 30-second-commercial template, and helped me organize my thoughts into an interesting, identify-the-pain-point-and-take-action 30-second commercial. Today, at any networking event I attend, people come over to ask about my business and compliment me on my 30 second commercial. I tell them, “I owe it to Laura. You need to work with her and let her do her magic. Then, you’ll attract people who want to know what you do and how you came up with your 30-second commercial."
Debbie Castillejo, Primerica

"Laura is wonderful. She made me feel comfortable during the entire process of helping me perfect my 30 second commercial.  Laura is very accommodating – working together in person or on the phone, whichever is best for her clients. 

Not only did Laura help me to develop multiple versions of my commercial, she coached me on how to remember my commercial by focusing on bullet points instead of outright memorization.  As a result of working with Laura, I have obtained new business and more frequent responses than what I had received from previous networking efforts." Marie Costello, Mary Kay Consultant


"I am a forward and reverse mortgage loan officer. I originally met Laura at a local women’s business network meeting and instantly knew she could help me.

Even though I have many years of business experience, I still do not enjoy speaking in front of a group. I felt Laura would be able to help me with the anxiety I have each time I speak. She recommended that I talk from my heart and share my clients’ success stories.  Laure helped me develop a strong 30 second commercial and then she encouraged me to practice it many times until I felt comfortable saying it without hesitation.  Laura kept me motivated and on track throughout the process."  Corinna Tini, Princeton Mortgage Corp

"After Laura & I had a chat my new 30 second commercial just flowed. She helped me organize my thoughts to communicate what I do and how I solve your needs with brenPhotography."

Brenda Jankowski,  brenPhotography.com

"I want to thank you for all your help creating a powerful 30 second commercial. It really made a difference in the way I came across while networking."
Rosann Conway, RosannGlobal.com

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