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At 30 Second Success our deep desire is to help people develop a 30 second commercial that resonates with their audience and drives business to their door whether in front of a live audience or a video camera. We offer individual and group training that focuses on the development and writing of a 30 second commercial that really expresses who you are and what you do and causes your audience to want to know more. For people who lack the skills to present their commercial in a public or business social setting we offer tips and suggestions that will help build your confidence and your skills. The key to connecting is getting that first appointment and we help you do just that.

At 30 Second Success we help business owners gain exposure and grow through referrals. We offer individual and group training, video commercial development and recording, public speaking engagements, social media bio writing, website content review and development, and presentation development. We work with individuals, small businesses, sales teams, and organizations.

We welcome the opportunity to partner and explore ways to help you grow and flourish. At 30 Second Success our intention is to help you make an impact with your words to grow your referral network and your business.

About Our Founder & CEO

As Founder & CEO of 30 Second Success, Laura Templeton's desire is to help people present themselves with their words in a way that truly connects with their audience and drives business to their door.

Having been in sales and as a professional networker for more than 18 years Laura really understand the importance of a good solid 30 second commercial and the ability to present it well. She built a niche business based on a need she saw during networking with other professionals. She found that most people struggled with being able to articulate who they are and what they do in that short 30 second window during networking and business social events. Several years ago she began helping people in her networking circles with their commercials and word began to spread when people noticed the results others were experiencing.

Having founded 30 Second Success in early 2015 she is excited to be sharing her services and helping people all over the world become more effective in their networking and connecting with their audiences. People who once shied away from networking because of the 30 second commercial requirement now speak with confidence, people who previously struggled with getting their audiences to understand what they do now have more appointments on their calendars, and people who previously struggled with how to fit everything they do into one commercial are now experiencing more success than ever before from their networking efforts. Laura is excited to offer you her services through 30 Second Success, a business designed to help people connect with their words in 30 seconds or less.

As we grow to meet our client’s needs we hope you will remain connected with us and experience much success in your business!

Wishing you your 30 seconds if success!

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Laura Templeton

CEO, 30 Second Success


Phone: 215.801.6750
Email: info@30SecondSuccess.com

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